Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Going Offline

I'll be offline from now until next Tuesday.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Marilyn and the FBI: New Revelations

My Celebrity Secrets book includes an extensive chapter on the FBI's formerly secret surveillance file on actress Marilyn Monroe. One particular entry in the file discloses details of a rumored film alleged to show the blond babe having sex with an unidentified man. Well, as this brand new development in the story demonstrates, the rumor was much more than that.

The story all began on February 16, 1965, when an FBI document was secretly prepared that contained some truly explosive data. Titled Interstate Transportation of Obscene Materials and marked for the attention of FBI Director Hoover and the FBI’s Laboratory, its author, an FBI agent whose name now languishes in obscurity thanks to the restrictions of the Freedom of Information Act, recorded some remarkable data:

"On 2/11/65, Source advised that on the previous date, 2/10/65, he, in company with [an unidentified individual] had…exhibited a motion picture which depicted deceased actress MARILYN MONROE committing a perverted act on an unknown male.

"According to Source, he claimed that former baseball star JOE DIMAGGIO in the past had offered him $25,000 for this film, it being the only one in existence, but that Source had refused the offer.

"The above is being furnished to the FBI Lab and the NYO [New York Office] for information purposes in the event reports are received from other divisions describing an obscene film which might be identical to above. It is noted that…on February 9, 1965, agents of the Albany and New York Divisions conducted a surveillance of him.

"The results of this surveillance bore out information furnished by source and further, based on contact with source, the New York Division has opened a new Potential Confidential Informant case in New York City and personally acquainted with numerous high ranking LCN members there. Since the dissemination of above information at the present time may compromise source this information should not be discussed outside the Bureau."