Thursday, May 17, 2007

Celebrity Anniversaries: Wayne & Sinatra

This month marks key anniversaries in the lives (and deaths) of a couple of celebrities whose FBI files are disclosed in my Celebrity Secrets book.

May 14 was the ninth anniversary of the death of cool rat-packer Frank Sinatra - whose FBI files runs to thousands of pages and cover such topics as mob and underworld links, hookers, booze, wild parties with JFK; and also, interestingly enough, rumors that the FBI followed up on (and took very seriously) suggesting that Ol' Blue Eyes had tried to bribe a doctor to declare him unfit for service in World War Two!

And, incredibly enough, May 26 will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hollywood cowboy John Wayne. Yep: a century! Again, his formerly secret FBI file is a notable one - with the strangest entry related to allegations that Wayne was somehow involved in a 1950s plot to overthrow the Panamanian Government! Weird...

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