Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Marilyn, UFOs and Roswell

In Celebrity Secrets, I included a chapter on the FBI’s surveillance files of dead Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe.

In that chapter I devoted a brief section to a discussion of a controversial document that - if genuine, of course - suggests that Monroe had secretly been told aspects of the Roswell, New Mexico "crashed UFO" story by the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert - as well as other official secrets, too, such as plans to assassinate Cuba's Fidel Castro.

More disturbingly, the alleged CIA document refers to a threat by Monroe to spill the beans on what she knew; something that never happened, of course, as a result of her still-controversial death.

And while I only included a chapter on this affair in Celebrity Secrets, researcher Don Burleson wrote a whole book about it; and he has just been interviewed about his research into the Monroe-UFO story.

The document falls into the gray area that most UFO data inhabits. Namely that it’s certainly intriguing, but actually proving anything is near impossible.

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What I don't get is the town McMinnville seems to be strongly ignoring this event completely, It's only featured on one street, and a huge number of competing junk sales hosted by businesses on the other streets.
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One of the surrounding costume jewelry shops, they seemed embarrassed about the alien festival.
Anyway, since McMinnville is soooo NOT INTERESTED in this event, I'm sure other McMenamin's sites (Forest Grove, Beaverton, Portland) would get a lot more enthusiastically & respectfully involved.